CapX strives to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns for its investors. We carefully construct diverse asset portfolios that combine mission-critical capital for our clients with attractive yield, low volatility returns for our investment partners.


In January 2013, CapX announced the close of its latest fund with total commitments of $225 million. Fund IV closed at the end of 2012 with $75 million of private capital. With its SBIC Debenture License, Fund IV has access to an additional $150 million in debenture leverage funding from the SBIC.


CapX raised Fund III at the end of 2005 with $150 million of total capital to invest. As part of its total capitalization, Fund III obtained a second SBIC Debenture License. With this increase in capital, CapX was able to expand its product offering to a larger portion of the middle market by entertaining deal sizes of $1 to $10 million.


CapX raised Fund II in 2001 with $20 million in total capitalization. This fund obtained CapX's first Small Business Investment Company Debenture License from the U.S. Small Business Administration to help fund U.S. small businesses. CapX actively invested Fund II from 2002 through 2005, originating $22 million of fund investments in 23 portfolio companies.


CapX Fund I was a 1999 vintage fund with $10 million of capital. It was our “Proof of Concept” Fund. CapX invested in 20 companies including private equity sponsored leveraged buyouts, private held company capital expenditure financings and Internet-based businesses. Fund I was fully realized in 2006.