3 Essential Questions to Kick Off a Digital Marketing Strategy

By: Eric D. Starr :: September 8, 2016

By Meghan Daniels, Axial 

“Digital marketing is the wave of the future for private equity,” says Melissa Frederick, Marketing Director at Clearview Capital. “This is the direction we’re going in.”

Today’s capital providers are using digital marketing in combination with traditional marketing to engage their audience and attract leads. “We focus on brand building to raise our firm’s profile,” says Eric Starr, Partner at middle-market capital provider CapX Partners. “That can be both digital and traditional marketing — whether it’s a table at a conference, or giving away branded merchandise, or hosting a dinner, or sending out mass emails, or writing a blog post. We want people to know that if there’s a need consistent with what we do, that we are there. We want them to know it because we’re in their face all the time — in an informative and unobstructive way.”

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Eric D. Starr, Partner

As a Partner with CapX Partners, Eric is responsible for developing technology-enabled solutions to drive scale and operational efficiency. His areas of focus include origination, underwriting, portfolio management, and finance. As a business developer, Eric's industry emphasis is on healthcare, energy, technology, and manufacturing.

Prior to joining CapX in 2008, Eric worked as a hedge fund manager and was a member of the risk committee at Forest Investment Management. Previous to...