Daniel Long Joins CapX as Portfolio Analyst

By: Barrett D. Carlson :: May 9, 2018

Daniel Long has joined CapX as a Portfolio Analyst where he will assist the firm’s partners in all facets of portfolio management including the application of his information engineering skills into the firm’s fintech evolution.

Prior to joining CapX, Dan was an independent consultant advising the Community Action Partnership of Central Illinois, focusing on streamlining the organization’s processes and improving their workflow efficiency. Dan graduated from the University of Illinois with a B.S. in Finance and a minor in Informatics. “Dan’s background in organizational flow and procurement management is unique for an entry-level hire,” said Barrett Carlson, Partner at CapX Partners. “His unique skill set will greatly contribute to the firm’s focus on data gathering and analysis.”


Barret D. Carlson, Partner

As a Partner at CapX Partners, Barrett is responsible for capital markets, business development and investor relations.

With a background as an entrepreneur, Barrett enjoys trying to help clients grow their own business with the solutions provided by CapX. Barrett began his career working in the manufacturing and distribution industries, which gave him a strong understanding of many of the issues facing CapX’s clients.

Prior to joining CapX in 2004, Barrett was a Partner in...