Fintech Hot Topic at IGlobal

By: Eric D. Starr :: August 27, 2018

Learn how technology is transforming the finance world and how to embrace this disruption at this year's iGlobal Conference. Coming up September 6th in New York, the conference opens with keynote speaker Keith Kaplan, CEO of the Tesla Foundation, in a Q&A session facilitated by Eric Starr. As an early adopter of fintech strategies and solutions, Eric's expertise in technology-enabled solutions led to his selection to conduct this interview.

The content of the discussion will include:

- The present and future of Internet-driven commerce

- Integration of new technology into the financial marketplace

- How finance is being taken over by tech

- Embracing disruption: 5 ways technology is transforming finance

To register for the event or to learn more, click here to go to the iGlobal Forum website, 10th Specialty Finance Summit. 


Eric D. Starr, Partner

As a Partner with CapX Partners, Eric is responsible for developing technology-enabled solutions to drive scale and operational efficiency. His areas of focus include origination, underwriting, portfolio management, and finance. As a business developer, Eric's industry emphasis is on healthcare, energy, technology, and manufacturing.

Prior to joining CapX in 2008, Eric worked as a hedge fund manager and was a member of the risk committee at Forest Investment Management. Previous to...