Old Friends & New Acquaintances

By: Barrett D. Carlson :: November 7, 2017

Mid-November, Richard Bollinger heads to ACG LA to discuss Private Equity in the Lower Market. He then turns to CFA NorCal on Nov. 30th, ACG LA on Dec. 6th, and ACG OC on Dec. 7th.

Boston-based Steve Healey will be at the ACG CT Breakfast Meeting in Stamford on Dec. 1.

We look forward to meeting up with old friends and new acquaintances. 

Barret D. Carlson, Partner

As a Partner at CapX Partners, Barrett is responsible for capital markets, business development and investor relations.

With a background as an entrepreneur, Barrett enjoys trying to help clients grow their own business with the solutions provided by CapX. Barrett began his career working in the manufacturing and distribution industries, which gave him a strong understanding of many of the issues facing CapX’s clients.

Prior to joining CapX in 2004, Barrett was a Partner in...