Calculating Digital Marketing ROI

By: Eric D. Starr :: July 27, 2016

Recently, CapX Partners’ Eric Starr led a convincing presentation on the power of newly available marketing techniques born out of today’s technology. In the webinar, “Moving Beyond Coffee: Unlock Deal Flow with Digital Marketing,” Eric made a powerful case for the marketing value of content-rich websites, a conscious SEO strategy and targeted e-marketing campaigns. Equally important, though, is the ability to measure the impact of these efforts.“Otherwise how do you know that it’s all worth it?” Eric rhetorically asked his audience.

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Eric D. Starr, Partner

As a Partner with CapX Partners, Eric is responsible for developing technology-enabled solutions to drive scale and operational efficiency. His areas of focus include origination, underwriting, portfolio management, and finance. As a business developer, Eric's industry emphasis is on healthcare, energy, technology, and manufacturing.

Prior to joining CapX in 2008, Eric worked as a hedge fund manager and was a member of the risk committee at Forest Investment Management. Previous to...