Transportation Technology Focus For Investors

By: Jeffry S. Pfeffer :: February 16, 2015

In 1969, the world’s human speed record was set when Apollo 10 flew at just short of 25,000 mph. Time was when we thought flying at the speed of light was the next break in transportation. In the meantime, progress stalled. But now, transportation is about to move ahead rapidly with the advent of new technologies.

A recent article by KPCB points to six technologies that are converging on the transportation industry. According to the article, venture investors are recognizing these hot technologies by putting $5.7 billion into transportation businesses last year, more than twice the level of investment in the previous two years combined. Uber was on top, raising $3B. Some other startups raising significant funds included GrabTaxi ($334 million), Lyft ($250 million), car-sharing company BlaBlaCar ($100 million) and INRIX, combining data science with transportation ($65 million).

Sooner than you think we'll be driving hands-free in comfort on a solar roadway. And CapX will continue to be alongside, supporting these new movement technologies and systems. What's your next idea...jet packs anyone?

Read the KPCB article here:

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