CapX Finances Resilient Oil Field Services Provider

By: Peter W. Washington :: May 23, 2015

For over 25 years, Adler Hot Oil Services has been a trusted service provider, serving energy drilling companies throughout the Rocky Mountain region and parts of the Northwest with its fleet of specialty trucks. Adler was well positioned for future growth, but then the rapid decline in oil prices slowed down U.S. oil production. Because they were successful in retaining all of its customer relationships throughout the downturn, their services were still in demand. When Adler needed to finance the purchase of additional equipment necessary to support these customer relationship, Adler and Industrial Innovation Partners were informed of CapX’s financing niche and made contact.

“CapX Partners is truly a distinctive growth capital provider. They invested significant time and effort to understand the uniqueness of our company and growth strategy even though our industry, oilfield services, is currently out of favor. It is this thoughtful, forward looking mindset that sets CapX Partners apart and makes them great partners for us." Nicholas Behl, Managing Principal, Industrial Innovation Partners.


Peter W. Washington, Director

Peter joined CapX Partners in June 2009 and is responsible for managing transaction underwriting and portfolio management.

Prior to CapX, he served in the commercial lending and institutional sales divisions at the Northern Trust Company. Before working at Northern Trust, Peter served as a High Grade/High Yield analyst for Banc of America Securities in New York, NY. Peter graduated magna cum laude from Florida A&M University with a B.A. in Business Administration and received his...