Growth by Addition

By: Jeffry S. Pfeffer :: October 8, 2018

As we come up on our one year anniversary since CapX Partners joined the Accord Financial family, Mergers & Acquisitions magazine spoke with Terry Keating, President & CEO of Accord, and Jeff Pfeffer, Managing Partner of CapX, about the advantages to both organizations, and to our clients. 

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Jeffry S. Pfeffer, Managing Partner

In 1999, Jeff co-founded CapX and is the firm’s Managing Partner. His responsibilities include firm management, leading new business development, and serving as CFO for CapX.

Jeff has over three decades of small to midsize business finance experience focusing on delivering superior risk-adjusted returns to CapX’s investors. He co-founded the firm during an investment vintage when alternative secured financing strategies were deemed not “sexy.” He and his partners raised over $450...