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  • 3 Essential Questions to Kick Off a Digital Marketing Strategy
    CapX partner Eric Starr gives tips on digital marketing and measuring deal flow in this latest piece on Axial, written by Meghan Daniels.
  • Equipment Lease Line of Credit Fuels PCX Aerostructures Growth
    With PCX well positioned to grow its military as well as commercial business, CapX provided a $5.25 lease line of credit to fund the acquisition of new equipment.
  • CapX Alleviates Growing Pains for Imperial Frozen Foods
    Looking to fund state of the art packaging and bagging equipment for multiple production lines and provide needed capacity for growth, CapX stepped in with a $2.6 million customized equipment lease line of credit.
  • Finding the US Growth Pockets
    CapX has added some attractive growth-oriented transactions in Y2016. While capital spending appears to have “cooled,” we remain “hot.”
  • Fast growing GTUIT named to Inc. list
    GTUIT, one of our portfolio companies, was just named to Inc. magazine's list of 500 fastest growing private companies.
  • When (and Why) to Consider Asset Based Lending
    Jeff Pfeffer explains how this alternative financing option can unlock the leverage to help grow your business.
  • Calculating Digital Marketing ROI
    GPs that can calculate the “ROI” of newly implemented digital marketing efforts can set clearer performance targets, monitor effectiveness, and present hard numbers when convincing leaders at the firm of its value during budgeting time.
  • Liquid Asset Brands receives $5 million for new brand introduction
    When Liquid Asset Brands looked to acquire a significant amount of product needed for a new spirits brand introduction, they looked to CapX.
  • CapX Provides $6M In Equipment Financing to Nelson Global Products
    Identifying Nelson’s high potential for growth and its long-standing history of success serving a customer base of industry-leading OEM clients, CapX provided a customized lease line of credit to support their production demands.
  • Improve Portfolio Management – Invest in Your Back Office
    Barrett Carson writes in ABL Advisor on incorporating process automation, data integration, and empowered employees to improve portfolio management.
  • Trends in Middle Market Manufacturing
    Jeff Pfeffer provides an overview of the current manufacturing investment and financing climate supported by some interesting factual evidence that might help understand where the markets are going.
  • Increase Your Competitive Strength By Investing In Yourself
    Your company’s brand lives and breathes every step of the way – from your processes to your people.