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  • Is Money Still Green?
    Millennials are driving change, with banks and lenders working to adapt and become more responsive. Banks and alternative lenders, like CapX, will need to keep pace by streamlining credit decisions and improving data analysis to connect with this generation.
  • Revenge of the U.S. Manufacturing Economy
    As we enter this time of the fourth industrial revolution, changes on the horizon could be a growth catalyst for U.S. Manufacturing.
  • 8 out of 10 companies finance their equipment
    A recent study shows that 78% of businesses today find that leasing or financing their equipment gives them a strategic advantage.
  • Expanding the Definition of Diversity
    Research shows that companies with more diverse workforces perform better financially. Diversity has been typically defined in a way that focuses on demographics and cultural differences, but perhaps it is time to broaden that definition to consider diversity of thought.
  • 6 Digital Marketing Tips for Lenders
    In this Axial article, CapX Partner Eric Starr talks about how digital marketing can play an important role in the marketing landscape.
  • How to Attract Proprietary Deal Flow
    Business development, deal structure and the seller psychology to gain an edge in a competitive deal environment were topics on the table at Axial Concord's panel discussion featuring CapX's Eric Starr.
  • When (and Why) to Consider Asset Based Lending
    Jeff Pfeffer explains how this alternative financing option can unlock the leverage to help grow your business.
  • Calculating Digital Marketing ROI
    GPs that can calculate the “ROI” of newly implemented digital marketing efforts can set clearer performance targets, monitor effectiveness, and present hard numbers when convincing leaders at the firm of its value during budgeting time.
  • Improve Portfolio Management – Invest in Your Back Office
    Barrett Carson writes in ABL Advisor on incorporating process automation, data integration, and empowered employees to improve portfolio management.
  • 2015 Year in Review
    CapX has helped businesses grow by investing over $150 Million in the last two years.
  • CapX Partners Leads New Financing of Ziosk® Tablets
    Multi-million dollar commitment funds the deployment of Ziosk tablets at Olive Garden and other restaurant brands.
  • Talking Venture Debt Trends with Pitchbook
    CapX's Jeff Pfeffer chatted with Pitchbook about the venture debt space and equipment financing trends.