Fusion Academy & Learning Center

Grand Rapids, MI
Investment Amount: $15,000,000
Investment Date: December, 2015
“We are extremely pleased about our new partnership with CapX Partners. As our new lender, the CapX team will be true supporters of our vision and growth. They also did a great job completing the entire loan process within an efficient timeframe. The additional capital along with the significant operating and financial experience of the CapX team creates exciting opportunities for Fusion as we remain focused on building quality schools and maintaining the highest level of service for our students and families.” David Martin, CFO, Fusion Academy


Fusion Academy (“Fusion”) is an accredited, alternative, private school for grades 6-12 with 28 centers located across the country including California, Texas, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Illinois. Fusion utilizes a one-to-one model of instruction, offering its students a unique, and completely customized and personalized experience. Classes at Fusion are self-paced, and the material is presented in a way that considers each student’s interests, strengths, and learning style. As a for-profit institution, Fusion’s management team is focused on growing its nationally recognized portfolio of private learning centers.


After selecting each new site location, Fusion invests in capital improvements at each new site to create a tailored learning environment for its students. To support Fusion’s new learning center expansion and growth capital needs, CapX provided a customized $15 million senior term loan facility. For its next growth push, Fusion will use the CapX facility to expand into two new states (Pennsylvania and Illinois) as well as add new centers to existing states.

“Winona Capital contacted CapX to see if we’d be interested in supplying growth capital to one of its rapidly growing portfolio companies. CapX was able to work one-on-one with the ownership/management team to customize a debt facility that would allow Fusion to acquire new site locations and efficiently implement its strategy. CapX looks forward to supporting the business as Fusion delivers its customized learning experience to new markets.” – Jeffry S. Pfeffer, Managing Partner, CapX Partners