Unitas Global

Los Angeles
Enterprise Cloud Solutions
Investment Date: September, 2017
“At Unitas Global, we are dedicated to meeting global enterprise needs for innovative, secure, and simple-to-use cloud solutions. Because of this commitment, our company has been on a strong growth trajectory as we address the challenges faced by enterprise businesses migrating to the cloud,” stated Patrick Shutt, CEO at Unitas Global. “The influx of capital from CapX Partners enables our organization to invest in the hardware necessary to further expand our global customer base, and continue forward on a track of rapid growth.”

Investment Opportunity & CapX Solution

CapX Partners, a leading equipment finance specialist, structured a lease line of credit to Unitas Global, a fast-growing provider of enterprise cloud solutions. The tailored structure of the lease was such that Unitas could draw over a 6-month period, allowing it to seamlessly onboard new customers and start paying for the financing as revenue was created.

Offering a differentiated private and hybrid cloud infrastructure business model that is technology agnostic, carrier-neutral, and globally deployed, Unitas’ cloud solutions have the flexibility to architect specifically to their customers’ unique requirements. As Unitas forged ahead with organic growth, CapX was provided the opportunity to provide mission-critical capital to support new customer related IT hardware requirements.

Matching a lease term to the approximate length of the customer master service agreement term, CapX financed 100% of the IT hardware cost along with a soft cost allowance. The result: increased revenue and cash flow as Unitas successfully defers any investment in the equipment needed until the end of the lease. 

“Unitas is an excellent addition to the CapX portfolio company line up.” - Jeffry Pfeffer, Managing Partner at CapX Partners. "We are pleased to be a part of their current growth phase."