Rigid and Flexible Packaging Manufacturer

Montreal, Quebec
Investment Amount: $9,800,000
Investment Date: March, 2019

A leading packaging company located in Montreal, Quebec has developed new sustainable, rigid and flexible packaging for the food industry to meet changing consumer demands. To enable production to start, the company required funding for new plastic extrusion and thermoforming lines and reached out to CapX via an intermediary.

A foreign ownership structure combined with complex financial statements made the stand-alone financing challenging to banks and traditional capital providers. The Canadian operating company is a subsidiary of a European parent with various levels of ownership and corresponding large corporate financial profile. CapX, via its Accord ABL unit in Montreal, was able to combine in-person diligence with in-depth financial analysis to offer a financing commitment.

“CapX has considerable experience with companies in the consistently changing food space as well as with the related packaging industry,” said Eric Starr, a partner at CapX Partners. “We were able to understand the growth benefits of obtaining and installing new manufacturing technologies and proposed a comprehensive lease finance package that meet the company’s needs to start 2019 production.”