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  • AEF Closes $8.5M Lease Facility For Consumer Products Manufacturer
    When this PEG-owned manufacturing firm faced numerous growth challenges, AEF smoothed the way with a well-structured lease line of credit.
  • CapX Announces Rebrand as Accord Equipment Finance
    Providing competitive equipment financing to middle-market companies and access to a wide range of debt capital solutions.
  • Mike Wells Joins CapX Partners team as Director
    Mike Wells, an experienced equipment financing professional, has joined our team as Director. Responsible for Midwest business development and relationship management, Mike’s extensive knowledge will help us continue to deliver financial solutions quickly when companies need it most.
  • Announcing Paul Clancy, Senior Analyst
    Please join us in welcoming Paul Clancy, Senior Analyst to our team.
  • Announcing $6 Million Equipment Lease to Well-Established Manufacturing Firm
    When a trusted Capital Markets partner presented the opportunity to help with an important tranche as part of a $38 million plant upgrade, we removed all obstacles to make it happen.
  • CapX Partners Announces Completion of $27 Million Equipment Lease Facility
    By engaging a partner to fund $15 million, and increasing our own position to $12 million, we successfully completed a $27 million lease facility for a client looking to grow.
  • Elements of Strength
    The roots of our success lie in the strength of our family. While each of the Accord Financial businesses may have a unique approach, our promise to all is the same: listen, adapt, forge ahead. While current times are unlike any other, our foundation is strong. Please read our latest post entitled "Elements of Strength."
  • Why Hiring for Cultural Fit Matters
    At Accord Financial, a passion for change is what makes the company thrive. With this never-ending pattern of change, hiring the right person is crucial to the company’s continued success. Recently, we asked President and CEO Simon Hitzig why cultural fit matters and how to hire with this in mind.
  • Taking a multi-faceted approach to cyber security
    What has your company done to help avoid data breaches, phishing, and other operational risks? Make this the year your organization commits to a stronger, safer future.
  • Creating a powerful investor story
    Many companies struggle with their investor story due to a very simple reason: how to explain change. But when you tell a story that embodies challenges, you create an experience that resonates. Here's how to go beyond the numbers and tell a story that can convince an investor to partner with you.
  • Prove your company's value through storytelling
    The first step when looking for financing: Create a powerful brand story. Your story, and being able to articulate it, matters when looking for financing. A smart storytelling strategy can engage your audience, improve your ability to make a deal, and contribute to raising perceived value.
  • Driving Growth
    CapX closed six new platforms in the first half of 2019.