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  • Creating a powerful investor story
    Many companies struggle with their investor story due to a very simple reason: how to explain change. But when you tell a story that embodies challenges, you create an experience that resonates. Here's how to go beyond the numbers and tell a story that can convince an investor to partner with you.
  • Prove your company's value through storytelling
    The first step when looking for financing: Create a powerful brand story. Your story, and being able to articulate it, matters when looking for financing. A smart storytelling strategy can engage your audience, improve your ability to make a deal, and contribute to raising perceived value.
  • Eliminate Unknown Risks By Knowing Your Lender
    Middle market lending is as much an art as it is a science. Oftentimes when data discovery and exploration does an incomplete job of truly defining the company and its potential, there are intangibles that can make a company worthy of investment. Disclosure of these intangibles can make the business vulnerable, however, with the biggest threat from the most unexpected sources.
  • New markets and new product opportunities
    Environmental concerns, including sustainability and clean packaging, are top priorities within the retail space. But adapting manufacturing processes and equipment to manage new priorities can be tricky.
  • Tariffs, offshoring and reshoring
    Are the tariffs positive or negative? Or perhaps a bit of both. El Dorado looks back at some old product lines to move forward to meet new challenges.
  • Disruption is Coming for the Middle Market
    Disruption speaks to real change, not just an improved experience or more options. To date, much of the change in the financial marketplace has come from agile consumer and small business lenders. But what about the middle market?
  • 2018 Tax Reform, Capital Spending and Renewed Benefits of Leasing
    Limited interest expense deductions are expected to drive leasing benefits, with predictions for higher capital equipment spending and increased equipment leasing
  • CapX Joins Accord Financial Family
    Accord and CapX establish a financial services platform that can lend up and down a company’s balance sheet creating a one-stop source of senior secured financing to middle market businesses.
  • Where’s the Growth? Look No Further Than Food & Beverage
    The growing sectors of food and beverage require companies be equipped with resources and assets that are flexible and can withstand volatility. Turning to equipment leasing can preserve equity dollars and match useful life assets to functions or contracts.
  • Is Money Still Green?
    Millennials are driving change, with banks and lenders working to adapt and become more responsive. Banks and alternative lenders, like CapX, will need to keep pace by streamlining credit decisions and improving data analysis to connect with this generation.
  • Revenge of the U.S. Manufacturing Economy
    As we enter this time of the fourth industrial revolution, changes on the horizon could be a growth catalyst for U.S. Manufacturing.
  • 8 out of 10 companies finance their equipment
    A recent study shows that 78% of businesses today find that leasing or financing their equipment gives them a strategic advantage.