Aerospace Financing

Over the next twenty years, the aerospace sector is projected to see a steady annual growth rate due to several favorable trends. Predicted is an increase in demand for commercial aircraft in both mature and emerging markets; the ongoing deployment of more efficient aircraft; and, an aircraft production backlog reducing cyclical volatility.

CapX’s deep expertise in aerospace manufacturing equipment came into play for PCX Aerostructures. Needing capital for new equipment to fulfill orders, CapX's facility supplemented existing senior and mezzanine debt, providing a cost-effective layer of growth capital. In a similar fashion, CapX supported Nautic Partner’s portfolio company Aerostar Aerospace with a lease line against an in-place CNC machine complex, providing liquidity for the business.

Supported by an in-depth familiarity with the range of CNC machines used across the industry, CapX stands ready to support organizations targeting these favorable industry tailwinds.

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