Investment Success Stories

We look for well-managed, forward thinking middle market businesses that share similar values. We work best with organizations that are open to value-added capital as we seek to differentiate ourselves from our commodity-type lending competition. Some examples of these mutually beneficial relationships can be found below.

  • Gehl Foods
    Investment Date: February, 2017
    Fund: IV
    CapX provided Gehl with a $15 million customized equipment lease facility to help fulfill the company's need for increased manufacturing capacity.
  • Imperial Frozen Foods
    Investment Date: August, 2016
    Fund: IV
    Looking to fund state of the art packaging and bagging equipment for multiple production lines and provide needed capacity for growth, CapX stepped in with a customized equipment lease line of credit.
  • PCX Aerostructures
    Investment Date: July, 2016
    Fund: IV
    With PCX well positioned to grow its military as well as commercial business, CapX provided a $5.25 lease line of credit to fund the acquisition of new equipment.
  • Liquid Asset Brands
    Investment Date: June, 2016
    Fund: IV
    When Liquid Asset Brands looked to acquire a significant amount of product needed for a new spirits brand introduction, they looked to CapX for help with funding this purchase.
  • Nelson Global Products
    Investment Date: April, 2016
    Fund: IV
    CapX identified Nelson’s high potential for growth and its long-standing history of success serving a customer base of industry leading OEM clients. In order to support Nelson’s production demands, CapX provided a customized lease line of credit.
  • Gro-Well Brands
    Investment Date: March, 2016
    Fund: IV
    Take a $5.5 million second lien mezzanine debt solution and add capital expenditure financing – a financing combination not often found in middle market lending.
  • Two-Twenty Records Management
    Investment Date: January, 2016
    Fund: IV
    Recognizing the company's differentiated service offering and compelling customer relationships equals the potential for high growth, CapX put together a customized financing structure.
  • Fusion Academy & Learning Center
    Investment Date: December, 2015
    Fund: IV
    CapX customized a debt facility to allow Fusion acquire new site locations for its alternative private schools, efficiently implementing its strategy.
  • WorldTEK Events
    Investment Date: October, 2015
    Fund: IV
    Recognizing WorldTEK's proven track record, CapX provided a term loan to help close an acquisition transaction and position the Company for ongoing growth.
  • Gross & Janes Corporation
    Investment Date: October, 2015
    Fund: IV
    CapX provided a customized structure enabling the Company to refinance its current debts and well position itself for future growth.
  • Arro Corporation
    Investment Date: October, 2015
    Fund: IV
    To fulfill the Company’s goal of meeting short-term capital growth needs, CapX provided a $2,250,000 secured term loan.
  • JD Norman
    Investment Date: September, 2015
    Fund: IV
    CapX is providing a strategy that allows JD Norman to draw down incremental tranches of capital to better match the Company’s scaled financing needs.