Case Studies

We look for well-managed, forward thinking middle market businesses that share similar values. We work best with organizations that are open to value-added capital as we seek to differentiate ourselves from our commodity-type lending competition. Some examples of these mutually beneficial relationships can be found below.

  • Bag Manufacturer
    Investment Date: September, 2018
    By providing a $5.5M lease line of credit, CapX enabled a bag manufacturer to materially invest in technologies allowing for enhanced profitability.
  • Vehicle Parts Manufacturer
    Investment Date: August, 2018
    When this vehicle parts manufacturer was looking to invest meaningful amounts of new equipment into its China and Brazil locations, CapX executed a U.S. based sale leaseback to accomplish the Company’s goals.
  • Rail Logistics & Storage Services
    Investment Date: August, 2018
    New owners and a new balance sheet didn’t stop CapX from helping this rail logistics and storage services company with capital equipment financing.
  • Arandell Corporation
    Investment Date: March, 2018
    CapX provides premier printing and omnichannel solutions provider with one-stop equipment finance solution, supporting capital expenditure and plant expansion financing needs.
  • Specialty Food Processor/Brand
    Investment Date: March, 2018
    CapX lends $18,750,000 of equipment finance capital to support a fast growing specialty food business.
  • Javo Beverage Company, Inc.
    Investment Date: December, 2017
    CapX fuels Javo Beverage with $5 million equipment credit facility enabling the acquisition of new equipment better suited to the company's growth.
  • Aerostar Aerospace
    Investment Date: December, 2017
    CapX taps into value of company’s high-complexity equipment to provide growth capital.
  • SkinCure Oncology, LLC
    Investment Date: December, 2017
    CapX boosts SkinCure Oncology’s growth, preserving firm's working capital while providing $2.5 million in growth financing.
  • Dicom Transportation Group
    Investment Date: October, 2017
    CapX announces first cross-border portfolio investment providing $7.25mm lease to Dicom Transportation
  • Adler Hot Oil Service
    Investment Date: October, 2017
    Seeking a balance sheet refinance, Adler Hot Oil Service's financial sponsor Spell Capital Mezzanine Partners selected CapX because of its existing relationship and knowledge of Adler, CapX’s ability to move quickly, and certainty of close.
  • Unitas Global
    Investment Date: September, 2017
    Fund: IV
    CapX Partners Structures Equipment Lease to Support Unitas Global’s Strong Growth Trajectory
  • Poultry Supply Chain Management
    Investment Date: August, 2017
    Fund: IV
    Equipment lease capital improves operating efficiency and margins while leaving senior banking relationship undisturbed.