Case Studies

We look for well-managed, forward thinking middle market businesses that share similar values. We work best with organizations that are open to value-added capital as we seek to differentiate ourselves from our commodity-type lending competition. Some examples of these mutually beneficial relationships can be found below.

  • Rigid and Flexible Packaging Manufacturer
    Investment Date: March, 2019
    Combine a foreign ownership structure with complex financial statements and stand-alone financing becomes challenging. CapX broke through with a $9.8M lease financing package.
  • Renewable Plant Protein Manufacturer
    Investment Date: December, 2018
    This former client spun off a new company and immediately reached out to CapX for $5M of equipment financing to scale their manufacturing capabilities.
  • Integrated Cancer Care Services
    Investment Date: December, 2018
    CapX funded $5M in early 2018 for a healthcare services portfolio client and added on a $4.3M equipment lease when needed at year-end.
  • Waste Hauler & Recycler
    Investment Date: December, 2018
    CapX provided a more competitive term debt structure and amortization to consolidate their debts and leases plus lower its monthly payments.
  • Bag Manufacturer
    Investment Date: September, 2018
    By providing a $5.5M lease line of credit, CapX enabled a bag manufacturer to materially invest in technologies allowing for enhanced profitability.
  • Vehicle Parts Manufacturer
    Investment Date: August, 2018
    When this vehicle parts manufacturer was looking to invest meaningful amounts of new equipment into its China and Brazil locations, CapX executed a U.S. based sale leaseback to accomplish the Company’s goals.
  • Rail Logistics & Storage Services
    Investment Date: August, 2018
    New owners and a new balance sheet didn’t stop CapX from helping this rail logistics and storage services company with capital equipment financing.
  • Arandell Corporation
    Investment Date: March, 2018
    CapX provides premier printing and omnichannel solutions provider with one-stop equipment finance solution, supporting capital expenditure and plant expansion financing needs.
  • Specialty Food Processor/Brand
    Investment Date: March, 2018
    CapX lends $18,750,000 of equipment finance capital to support a fast growing specialty food business.
  • Javo Beverage Company, Inc.
    Investment Date: December, 2017
    CapX fuels Javo Beverage with $5 million equipment credit facility enabling the acquisition of new equipment better suited to the company's growth.
  • Aerostar Aerospace
    Investment Date: December, 2017
    CapX taps into value of company’s high-complexity equipment to provide growth capital.
  • SkinCure Oncology, LLC
    Investment Date: December, 2017
    CapX boosts SkinCure Oncology’s growth, preserving firm's working capital while providing $2.5 million in growth financing.