Let's Connect

By: Barrett D. Carlson :: April 30, 2018

Looking ahead to May and June, here's what we currently have on our agendas. If anyone wants to connect at these events, please get in touch.

ACG Intergrowth. Steve and Richard will be in attendance, along with Lilies Lanway from Accord Financial.

ACG Chicago Finance Festival. Jeff Pfeffer will be representing CapX, with Accord as joint sponsors.

Navatar/Datafox Webinar. This webinar featuring CapX Partners' Eric Starr and TVC Capital's Andrew Albert will detail the Navatar/Datafox advanced method of watch list monitoring on May 23rd at 11 AM EDT. Registration is available here.

Later in the month, we have Jeff Pfeffer at the SBIA Midwest PE Conference, after which he'll be heading to the ACG Minnesota Conference.

And, a shout out to our Accord family sponsorship of the TMA Southeast Regional Conference.

Barret D. Carlson, Partner

As a Partner at CapX Partners, Barrett is responsible for capital markets, business development and investor relations.

With a background as an entrepreneur, Barrett enjoys trying to help clients grow their own business with the solutions provided by CapX. Barrett began his career working in the manufacturing and distribution industries, which gave him a strong understanding of many of the issues facing CapX’s clients.

Prior to joining CapX in 2004, Barrett was a Partner in...